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How Dance Marathon Helped Me Appreciate Life

When I tell people how much the Dance Marathon movement means to me, I usually never have enough words or phrases to express the impact it has on me. I live my life as happy as I can be, although just like any one of us, I sometimes tend to forget how lucky I am to be living my life the way I am right now. When I opened up to new opportunities last year, I became involved in Dance Marathon at U of I. Attending the big event last year for me was life-changing due to several reasons. First, I have never seen a movement so passionate and united as IlliniThon was. There was something magical about a big group of students, children, and families huddled together in one room chanting “For the Kids.” Every single person in the room forgot about their problems and worries as we all hung our arms over each others shoulders and acknowledged the funds that everyone has fundraised throughout the whole year go to a movement that 100% creates miracles. Second, it gave me a realistic perspective on how short but beautiful life is. Life is definitely not a perfect adventure for anyone, and sometimes, even if we try so hard, miracles do not happen. And that is totally okay. Dance Marathon is not only about getting excited for all the good things happening in the lives of miracle children and their families, but also acknowledging that unfortunate things happen. But with the passion and determination invested in the movement, we can help them surpass any challenges and hindrances they might face. Although life really is short, there are uncountable opportunities to get up and create miracles every day. Finally, Dance Marathon gave me – and still gives me purpose to be a part of something bigger than myself and know that I am worthy because being a part of Dance Marathon means that I am changing lives of people. No matter how big or small I may feel sometimes, I just look back on my life achievements, and the thought of being a part of Dance Marathon will always provide me fulfillment and gratitude.

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