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Day of Miracles 2016

On November 7th, IlliniThon celebrated it’s second Day of Miracles where members of IlliniThon set out to raise $20,000 in a single day. Beginning at 8am IlliniThon had a hype room where dancers and the all leadership team could come to hang out, learn fundraising tips, and hear family stories. This room was available for the entire day so dancers could come and go as they pleased.

Throughout the day dancers took it upon themselves to help fundraise for Day of Miracles. This ranged from posting on Facebook, canning, a Mia Za’s fundraiser, an Insomnia fundraiser, different leadership branch challenges, as well as different hour challenges. During different hours of the day, there were challenges based on miracle children. Like at 6pm there was the Jax hours where dancers were encouraged to raise as many $10 donations as possible in honor of Jax having been home from the hospital for 10 weeks, his longest time ever.

At different checkpoints during the day IlliniThon posted videos and even went on Facebook Live to update everyone on how much money had been raised. By 1:30pm IlliniThon had raised over half of its goal! And by 5pm $20,000 had been raised. However, just because the goal had been reached did not mean the fundraising ended. As fundraising continued dancers were recognized based on who had raised the most at different times throughout the day.

By the end of the day IlliniThon had raised $39,412.62, almost twice the amount of their original goal. All money raised during this day, and by IlliniThon in general benefits St. John’s hospital in Springfield, IL. It was amazing to see what everyone was able to do in one day and it’ll be even more amazing to see how much everyone can raise for the kids by our big event on April 1st!

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