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Why I Dance

All my life I’ve loved to dance. Usually I just dance for fun with my friends, family, or even by myself sometimes when I was younger (maybe I still do from time to time). It’s something that is fun, energetic, and even gives me a workout if I do it for long enough. So when I found out there was a way that I could dance and raise money for the children at St. John’s Children’s Hospital at the same time I knew it was the perfect opportunity. I love that I am able to do something that I enjoy with friends and an abundance of other people around that will also benefit the lives of so many children. The fact that IlliniThon has been able to raise over half a million dollars in the past five years is incredible. However, it’s not just dancing and raising money that have made me love dancing at IlliniThon. It’s also the amazing people I have met at each event and fundraiser along the way. Getting to know these people has made dancing that much more fun, because now when I’m out there dancing for 12 straight hours I am able to hang out with so many different people that I have met and become friends with along the way. So when we are all dancing together I feel comfortable dancing and being myself. Essentially what I am getting at is that I dance for Illinithon because it is a great cause and I am able to have an amazing time dancing through it all.

P.S. I know a boi who potentially had cancer on his nose. It was a big ugly red spot that was very gross and it was almost for sure cancer. Now…it turns out it was not cancer. But it was veeeeery close. So the moral of the story is, we need to raise money for these kids so one day they don’t have cancer on their noses. Thank you.

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