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A Letter From IlliniThon To Other Dance Marathon’s

Dear other Big 10 rival schools hosting a Dance Marathon event this April,

I know under normal circumstances we would wish you the worst. We would want you to fail so it would ensure our success at Illinois in athletics and fanbase. But here I am sitting this letter, a proud Illinois student telling you I want you to succeed. I hope that you work as hard as we do to ensure the success of the big event in April, I hope you care as much about these kiddos as we do, and I hope you raise as much money as we do (if not more). For once in my life as an Illinois fan I want you to succeed for these kids who so desperately need our help. I get it, it’s hard putting in time now to raise money and get sponsors and people to donate food for the event. It’s a lot of work. But we all know the work is worth it.

So as much as we all (and I do mean ALL) want y’all to fail come this football season, understand it’s just because we want Lovie to be successful. But right now we also want you to be successful. Good luck and we hope you put on the best event ever! FTK!

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