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5 Things to Look Forward To at The Big Event

The Big Event is this weekend. THIS. WEEKEND. PEOPLE. After all of the mornings spent chalking the quad, the long nights of canning, and reaching out to everyone we know on our push days, we finally get to celebrate the miracles we have made alongside the kiddos that make everything worth it! IlliniThon 2017 is officially the largest it has ever been, so leadership has made sure that this year’s Big Event will be the biggest and baddest yet. With over 1,200 participants signed up The Big Event will be filled with so much energy. 12 hours might seem like a long time, but it quite honestly might not be enough time for you to do all the activities we’ve got lined up for you. Here’s a little bit of a sneak peek as to what you have to look forward to this weekend…

  1. Dancing- This is a Dance Marathon after all. Morale has been working hard all year to create the Morale mix, choreograph the line dance, and keep dancers PUMPED UP during the entire event. The line dance is around 8 minutes long incorporating all sorts of music taught in different segments throughout the night and at the end of the 12 hours everyone gets to do the dance together!!!

  2. Hanging with the kids- We are so lucky to have some Miracle Kids and their families attend The Big Event and spend time with us thanks to the Hospital Relations Cabinet. These families are so awesome to be willing to spend time with us and tell us their stories in person. Try and engage with the kids and families! They want to meet you as much as you want to meet them.

  3. Sports/games- We’re in CRCE and have access to the gyms, so when it’s 2 am and you don’t know how much longer you can make it get moving and play some sports/games with your friends! Get your body moving and you will be reenergized and ready to keep going.

  4. Food- Donations Cabinet is in charge of making sure we are fed and energized during these 12 hours. Thanks to them we get 3 meals during the event and have corporate sponsors like OrderUp that attend our Event with snacks and coupons for the dancers!

  5. Entertainment- The Events Cabinet has been in charge of planning activities to ensure dancers stay entertained throughout our Big Event. There will be live performances, rave hours, and bumpin’ music making you feel like you’re Lolla if you couldn’t afford the $400 ticket.

Keep in mind this is just a little bit of what The Big Event has to offer. Get pumped, rest up, and let’s dance FOR THE KIDS!!!!!

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