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What Is a Mini Dance Marathon? 

A mini dance marathon program is a smaller scale version of the University of Illinois dance marathon program. They are school sponsored dance marathons in high schools that benefit IlliniThon and their total goal toward St. John's Children's Hospital. School personnel can help to plan the event, as well as decide their length of the marathon, and how their Mini Dance Marathon will be structured. Schools may have a participation fee, similar to college DM programs for students to attend, as well as fundraisers leading up to their event to help raise funds. 


How Do I Get My High School Involved? 

IlliniThon would love for you to become a member our DM family! Our outreach committee would provide full support and guidance while you begin this movement at your high school. In the fall, they hold a retreat for all high school students involved with Dance Marathon to learn more about the program and gain valuable leadership skills. So, join us next year as we continue to make bigger and better miracles because Kids Can't Wait! If you are interested in hosting a mini dance marathon, please contact our Director of Marathon Relations, Olivia Boundy, at

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