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Chize Ikedi

Director of Special Events


Pre-Med Psychology

Year in school: 


Why did you join IlliniThon?

Partly because my brother participated in DM at a different school when he was in college and I look up to him immensely, and partly because I find so much joy when I help others and when other people are truly happy so seeing these kids and hearing their stories made me want to make any sort of difference to them and any families in the future. It something I am so incredibly proud of and, more importantly, grateful to be a part of. It also makes me want to come back again year after year with an even bigger hand in the event.

What is your favorite dance marathon memory? 

Having 15 minutes of sitting time after being on our feet all day and hearing over the very serious and for strictly IlliniThon business walkie talkie that people were looking for me. I was so nervous and was trying to think about what I might have forgotten to do or if I did something wrong and then finding out Kaydence was looking for me and that she just wanted to play.

In your opinion, what is the superior ice cream flavor?

Butter pecan
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