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We are responsible for recruiting general members throughout the year leading up to the Big Event. We do this by tabling at places such as the Ike and hosting FTK Fridays on the Quad so people can learn more about who we are and what we do.

Assistant Directors: Anna Sellas, Erik Mudd

Committee: Katya Hoffman, Patricia Pajak, Abbie Levitt, Allyson Lin, Claire Cody, Eshan Kadakia, Noa Orgad


Creative Development

The Creative Development team helps brand IlliniThon through merchandise, website development, and video production. There are multiple aspects to be a part of on this committee!

Assistant Director: Grace Jennings

Committee: Connie Bao, Delaney Henrikson, Kyra Jencks, Julian Acabal, Muhammad Alsaqri, Megan Mihalkanin


Public Relations

We are in charge of managing all social media outlets for IlliniThon to keep everyone informed about our upcoming events and give updates on our organization!

Assistant Director: Milton Guendica

Committee: Irene Chan, Serena Zhang, Emma Hackett, Elizabeth Juracic, Katie Staisiunas, Lilly Stribling



Morale is the pump-up committee for IlliniThon, and we make sure everyone is having fun at any event we do. Throughout the year, we learn the morale dance to prepare to teach it at the Big Event.

Assistant Director: Maryam Shaaban

Committee: Veronica Glatz, Riley Wilford, Rebecca Bora, Arshia Basutkar, Meghan Hathaway, Sydney Greim, Kaitlyn Castillio, Ashley Hornig, Annalise Bordenet, Alyson Gerdes, Ashley Soller, Mikayla Jones, Maddie Diluia, Kathleen Flores, Chloe Trom, Tcherna Halpern



Operations works all year long to plan every aspect of the timeline for the Big Event, and ensuring our members are engaged and having fun for all 12 hours.

Assistant Director: Andria Radaios

Committee: Sarah Hauenstein, Kathleen Smith, Abbie Mellican, Michelle Buinickas, Ava Mazzei, Abena Frimpong, Catherine Webber, Jenni Gantzer


Special Events

We plan events such as Trick or Treat For The Kids and the Family Tailgate to help keep IlliniThon members engaged the whole year and give opportunities for the families to come to campus.

Assistant Director: Jessica Ziegler

Committee: Lindsey Gold, Abby Arentensen, Emily Carlson, Kacie Vlach, Rachel Dickey, Nikki Prabhu


Member Engagement

This committee is in charge of all communication to IlliniThon members and running the Miracle Cup competition throughout the year between different color teams.

Assistant Director: Adriana Sclafani

Committee: Bridget Curtis, Dhara Patel, Sean Muldowney, Eric Mzyk, Abbey Christensen, Riya Dhoopar


Family Relations

Family Relations works as the bridge between our IlliniThon program and the amazing Miracle Families who choose to be involved. We help bring families to events throughout the year including the tailgate, all member meetings, sporting events, and Miracle Family events with color teams. We also hang out with the families throughout the Big Event and try to be a resource for them in any way possible.

Assistant Director: Jenna Guarino

Committee: Caitlyn Isaacson, Annie Althaus, Sophie Melton, Kaelee Dyer, Claire Kelly, Pamela Krumviede, Brandon Li, Lara Wuethrich, Katie Murphy, Mathilde Hanchard, Sadie Ropp, Grace Seiffert, Hallie O'Connor


Hospital Relations

Hospital Relations works to establish a connection between IlliniThon members and the St. John's Hospital community. We work closely with the staff at St. John's to develop events both on campus and at the hospital to benefit current patients, and give members a better idea of where their donations are applied.

Assistant Director: Mary Helen Healy

Committee: Emma Harris, Sarah Gow, Emily Earl, Sarah Cohen, Avani Patel, Lexi Huffman, Akram Mahdi



Finance committee is a great way to learn essential business skills. We are focused on data tracking and analyzing, budgeting, and making sure we donate as much money to St. John's as we can! We are also the only people to know the total throughout the entire year.

Assistant Director: Aakash Bhojwani

Committee: Madeline Prendergast, Lauren Nay, Daniel Victor Tregubenko, Grace Habermeier, Rohan Siddhpura, Nora Loftus


Corporate Relations

The goal of Corporate Relations and Hospitality is to gain as many corporate partners as possible to support IlliniThon 2019.

Assistant Director: Maya McMurray

Committee: Damian Dziura, Leighton Rhoades, Fred Reetz, Dwij Patel, Alyssa Prigge



Fundraising works to create and plan fundraising push days, community canning events such as setting up groups at Walmart on the weekends, and bar canning around around campus. Fundraising brings in money with our fun events and campaigns!

Assistant Director: Paulina Cylwik

Committee: Claire Kochanski, Abby Madonia, Grace Prendergast, Lauren Broderick, Kathryn Hafner, Grace Malone, Lindsey Zimmerman, Allison Wasilewski, Jenna Schuline



Outreach works with the alumni of IlliniThon, and freshman students on campus. This committee will be responsible for building relationships with our alumni team, and freshman students on campus to help them stay active in events and fundraising. 

Assistant Director: Jacklyn Schlender

Committee: Gumin Chung, Kate Heffner, Kelli Billish, Cameron Groch, Mia Escobar



Stewardship plans events such as Member Appreciation Week and utilizes incentives to show our appreciation towards all members involved in IlliniThon. This committee organizes incentive systems, and rewards for different types of members, and makes sure that everyone recognizes their importance and individualistic impact on IlliniThon.

Assistant Director: Carolyn Oh

Committee: Nora Czupek, Juhi Patel, Alyssa Dunn, Kayla Fowler


Marathon Relations

Marathon Relations works with other dance marathon programs. This committee will be responsible for building relationships with high school dance marathons, and other collegiate dance marathons. They will work on creating fundraisers with middle schools, and elementary schools in the area.

Assistant Director: Jennifer Huynh

Committee: Olivia Butters, Sarah Mulvihill, Ben Rogers, Rahul Jonnalagadda

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