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Centennial High School Dance Marathon in Champaign, IL is a mini marathon of IlliniThon. They work to spread awareness and raise support for St. John's Children's Hospital at Champaign Centennial High School and throughout their school community, culminating in a 4-hour dance marathon event in April. Starting in 2016, Centennial has grown quickly as a program, and raised over $26,000 at their 2018 event! IlliniThon is so proud of Centennial and all of the amazing work that they do!

When is their 2019 event?

April 12, 2019 at 6 PM

What are their social medias?

Centennial Dance Marathon has a Facebook and an Instagram!

Centennial High School Dance Marathon


Meet the Executive Board

President: Jordan DeLuce

Internal VP: Tess Haug

External VP: Emma Glezer

Dancer Relations

Committee Chair: Maddie Michael

Committee Members: Amelia Goldenbaum, Sarah Windleborn, Hannah Hong, Maggie Pitcher, Cassidy Strode, Brooke Baety, Denielle Monge-Vargas, Camryn McClard

Hospital Relations

Committee Chair: Karley Phillips
Committee Shadow: Ginny Kirby
Committee Members: Kassidy Phillips, Leah Luchinski, Caden 
Schaffner, Matt Pianfetti, Rebekah Kim, Sofia Diaz-Stack, Kasumi Guo, Emme Pianfetti, Ben Kirby, Richelisse Perez

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Committee Chair: Kate Doyle

Committee Members : Noga Adar, Lizzie Gile, Griffin Doyle, Joe Stilger, Olivia Carr, Brynn Tsiakals


Social Media

Committee Chair: Addison Archer
Committee Members: Erin Motley, Rui Bhosale



Committee Chair: Jen Chen

Committee Members: Macy Miller, Jane Lee, Abby Good, Michelle Stilger, Gage Miller


Bake Sale

Committee Chair: Katie Bell

Committee Members: Desiree Lawrence, Aleena Pettigrew, Haley Good, Telice Lewis, Emily Hong, Alexis Lyell, Marysa Morrow, Julia Arwari


Event Logistics

Committee Chair: Esha Mehta

Committee Members: Michael Lee, Hannah Luchinski, Lauren Brademas, Jake Cox, Jules Risken, Lexi Wheeler, Fatima

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