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To the IlliniThon Community, 


As an organization, our primary focus and mission is to alter the course of pediatric illness for our Miracle Children, and all the children that enter St. John’s Children’s Hospital. Aside from this, we are an organization that focuses on the health, and well-being of all those involved in our mission. It is because of these values, along with direction from the University of Illinois administration, that we will no longer be hosting our Big Event on March 28th from 10am-10pm at the Activities and Recreation Center. 


Our hearts are broken to be delivering this decision to cancel IlliniThon 2020 to you all today. The countless hours of work, dedication, and passion that both our participants and donors have shown this year has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, and we cannot say thank you enough for all that you have done. We are overwhelmed by the incredible efforts of our community to raise funds and awareness for the patients and families at St. John’s Children’s Hospital. We will continue to do so until March 28th at 10pm, when our IlliniThon 2020 fundraising total would have been revealed. 


We wish that there was a way to host our event as it traditionally exists, but unfortunately it would not be safe or responsible to do so at this time. Although we will no longer be stepping through the doors of the Activities and Recreation Center on the morning of March 28th, our fight is not over. We still have time this year to make a difference in the lives of these children, and until no child has to walk into a hospital, we will continue to do what we can for the children and families who deserve it the most. 


Remember that the community and home that we build during the 12 hours in the Activities and Recreation Center neither has to start, nor end there. While we would have hoped for the proper ending to what has been a tremendous year, we gain solace in knowing that we have an overwhelming amount of support from our community here at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, our Miracle Kids and Families cheering us on from Springfield, and our alumni, friends, family from across the entire country. 


At this time, we will continue to fundraise for our amazing beneficiary, St. John’s Children’s Hospital. The 12 hours may not be happening in person, but we can still give our all to the kids at St. John’s to ensure that our hard work this year culminates in the greatest impact possible. There will be an opportunity to engage with IlliniThon virtually on March 28th. We ask that you continue to join us in our mission, and we are appreciative for any and all continued efforts. Dance Marathon at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will continue to make miracles, just as we always have, and despite the uncertainty that the future holds, we carry on, one step at a time for our heroes, the kids. 


Further details will be shared with participants, donors, partners, and the Champaign-Urbana community in the coming days. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns. 


Kids Can't Wait, 

The IlliniThon Team

IlliniThon 2020 

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